Skirting the Issue

Since 1999, Anderslandinger has been creating the male equivalent of a Spring/Summer staple. Sure, 2009 is not the first time the world has been given a preview of avant-garde aesthetics with a ‘man skirt,’ but 2009/10 proves to be the year where a man can wear a skirt and still be called masculine, without seeming too playful and dramatic. This look will work best if you choose to pair this season’s male staple with dress  socks, brogues (or another dressy equivalent), sharp Oxford shirt and possibly a blazer.The skirt must be your show stopping piece, leaving little emphasis on accessories and additional pieces. However, when choosing to wear a skirt or kilt, the sky can really be your limit – it all depends on how far you want to push the trend.

Think of it in terms of interior design. When entering a room, there should be a focal point, because if your eye travels to too many places at once, the overall aesthetic seems scattered and lacking in cohesion. By combining subtle, more classic pieces with the advent of the new ‘man skirt’, the outfit comes together seamlessly, introducing a new look that before may have come across as too feminine.

Fantastic Man S/S 2009

Fantastic Man S/S 2009

Pushing the Trend

Anderslandinger's Helsinki Skirt

Anderslandinger's Helsinki Skirt

As you can see, this 100% virgin wool skirt by Anderslandinger has been paired with knee high combat boots, which creates a rougher edge overall. This is an example of pushing the trend past a more formal look. The observer wonders if the wearer is hoping to detract from the femininity inherant in the skirt or if this look is meant to wow on multiple levels.  This pairing does not fail, but it certainly takes a degree of confidence for a regular day time look. This skirt/boot combo would pair nicely with a pressed Oxfort shirt with the top 1 or 2 buttons undone for a more casual feel.

Spotted: Marc Jacobs

Photo of Marc Jacobs by Getty Images

Photo of Marc Jacobs by Getty Images

Marc Jacobs can be regularly seen on the streets of New York in his kilt and combat boots, but as seen here, he has paired a beautiful tartan with black leather sandals and the effect is casual, yet classic. I think what excites me about the very idea of mens skirts is how  impactful a statement you can make with such a simple idea. There will be a excited response, because people are not yet comfortable with the idea of men in what are traditionally womens clothing. This debate between feminine and masculine will continue for years to come, but from where I am sitting, there is definitely sex appeal, confidence and strength that come from a man in a skirt who does not succumb to traditional male standards of masculinity. Why shouldn’t a man with nice legs show them off? If you’ve got ’em, flaunt ’em.


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  1. chillesteh

    Are you sure that’s Marc Jacobs in a kilt? Not Robert Downey Jr.?

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