Goodbye Raybans, Hello Ascots

There is always debate on how someone can make an impact. Do you drench yourself in colour, do you make bolder choices with your accessories or do you merely make modern adjustments to old classics? Ultimately, the choice is yours, but this summer, simplicity will be your gateway into the coveted ‘double-take.’

Mainstream turns out ‘must-have’

The O.C. effect did for music what Gossip Girl is doing for  fashion. Top fashion designers are providing frocks for instant publicity. Serena and Blair become overnight fashionistas and Chuck Bass, besides being the object of my fantastical affection gave new rise to bespoke tailoring and classic English touches.

Could you really blame me for finding ‘the Basshole’ attractive? He makes being bad look so good.

Ed Westwick as Chuck Bass

Ed Westwick as Chuck Bass

The ultimate show-stopping feature of Bass’ outfit is his covetable ascot/foulard. My eye is immediately drawn to it, because it is so out of the ordinary in a North American context. Chuck Bass is a relatively outstanding and dapper dresser, but you could easily wear something as simple as a white button up shirt, streamlined blazer and jeans. In fact, the effect would be that much stronger, because the ascot will really pop and catch the eye of any passer-by. Securing you, the double-take.

Ford’s Foulard

Tom Ford S/S 09 Ascot

Tom Ford S/S 09 Ascot

Tom Ford introduces an ascot/foulard into his Spring/Summer 09, nodding toward England, but maintaining some interest for an American market with a pairing of geometrics and polka dots. The effect is a modern interpretation of the classic navy bandana and it would look sharp around the neck of any man or woman who is looking to draw a little necessary attention to their top half.


This 1906 instructional pamphlet will give you a quick and easy lesson on how to wear your new summer staple:

1906 pamphlet image

1906 pamphlet image


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