A Shoulder to JUST DIE on!

Under the tutelage of Christophe Decarnin, Balmain has presented shoulders in a season where having something to cry on has become all the rage. Balmain’s almost cult-like following has left fashion-seekers demanding more from the popular designer and 2009-10’s Autumn/Winter collection shows luxury women’s wear at its best.

The first piece that really got me excited was this architecturally stunning leather jacket:

Balmain F/W 2009-10 photo by Style.com

Balmain F/W 2009-10 photo by Style.com

Decarnin’s jacket emphasizes the shoulder which brings attention to the top half of the model’s body. Her face appears vibrant and her collarbone is exposed to show elongation in the neck. The overall effect is a long, lean silhouette which only needs to be paired with something simple such as a slim black trouser or as is in this case, some tapered black denim. This look addresses the need for casual elegance and would be perfect for going to a concert in the city.

A shimmer and a shoulder

Balmain 2009 photo by Style.com

Balmain F/W 2009-10 photo by Style.com

Decarnin clearly had a focus for his Fall collection, so I won’t drone on endlessly about the importance of a strong shoulder (because at this point, you already know). However, what I found very desirable about this above look is how the shoulder is paired with an impeccable attention to detail. Meticulous sequin creates an additional impact and appeal to the upper half of the model’s body. This piece highlights the importance of structure and craftsmanship and it just goes to show how little impact you need to make to pull off a complete look that seems almost effortless to wear. Having one or several key pieces that show immediate impact in your wardrobe will allow you to put your basics to work. Everyone should already have a pair of sexy black pants in their wardrobe and if you take the detailing from Balmain’s latest collection and find several pieces that create similar impact (recession times call for recessional measures), you will find that you will pull off a wow factor that requires very little prep time.


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