LG Fashion Week S/S 2010: Day 2 and 3

My experience at LG Fashion Week this year has been incredible. Working for a designer is incredibly stressful no matter what capacity you find yourself, but where there were downs, there were ups and I do not think I would change my experiences this season for anything.  Here are some of the key players who make an event like LG Fashion Week what it is:

The Photographer


photo of David Pike | photo by Kevin Naulls

David is a friend of mine and a talent, who grabs a hold of his beloved camera and shoots the best and the worst of the runway. You can see some of his work at http://www.flickr.com/davidpike

The Press: Fashion Television


photo of Mosha Lundström Halbert and Russ Martin | photo by Kevin Naulls

Mosha works for Fashion Television, an ongoing televised fashion journal that explores the ins and outs of the shows that most people cannot access. Apart from working with Fashion Television, she has written for Flare and photographed New York Fashion Week attendees for Fashion Magazine. See her as the star of Ashley Rowe’s fashion film Les Smoking.

The Designers


photo of Sunny Fong (VAWK) and guest | photo by Kevin Naulls


photo of Jessica Biffi | photo by Kevin Naulls


photo of Pat McDonagh | photo by Kevin Naulls

Without designers, you have no show. These are just a few of the designers who showed this season at LG Fashion Week. If there is one thing I have learned, it is that Fashion, like a lot of things, remains subjective. Designers, as is said, are only as good as their last collection and one thing remained clear to me when watching these shows: it is not easy. I had the opportunity to be behind the scenes with a designer this year and it is almost magical how everything seems to come together at the final moments before a man comes over the PA system and angrily grunts “PLEASE GET TO YOUR SEATS, WE ARE TRYING TO START THE SHOW.” Some might say it looks effortless, but looks can be very deceiving.

The Fashion Crowd


photo of Scott Smith | photo by Kevin Naulls

Scott Smith is a local artist and entrepreneur. With a secret project coming soon, he is one of Toronto’s people to watch.


photo of Lawrence Ayliffe | photo by Kevin Naulls

I met Lawrence on my way out from the Rain Anthology show and I had to take his photo. The bright orange scarf and pocket square combo caught my eye and his spectacles really tied the sophisticated ensemble together. Definitely one of my favourite looks of the season. So dapper.

The Blogger


photo of Kevin Naulls (Dressed for Dinner) | photo by David Pike

This was a very small glimpse into the amount of work people put into LG Fashion Week.  At the end of the day,  I am among many small fish in a very large pond. What connects us is our passion for fashion.


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