Putting the Foot to the Fashion Pedal

Socks get a bad wrap. Grandma got me socks? How boring.

Despite their lackluster holiday appeal, I have found that the wool sock is an item packed with nostalgia, penetrating all generations (In a recent small poll, almost everyone who responded mentioned that grey wool work socks were part of their winter wardrobe).

As a child, I can remember dreading a bundle of socks under the tree, yet there they were, day after day on my feet before I put on my boots. This pattern continues to occur day after day, yet because of its consistency, we rarely take time to reflect on how stylish a pair of basic oatmeal, garnet and white wool socks can be.

The Basic Wool Sock

The simplicity of these socks is what makes them an ideal winter accessory, one that until today has gone overlooked as something truly fashionable.

Women and men wear these socks, yet we rarely find an opportunity to expose them until it is time to take our shoes off at home.

Feet with Curb Appeal

Even the smallest glimpse of the garnet stripe draws attention to what would normally be a simple pair of military lace ups. I could wear a pair of socks with neon colours or prints, but a basic wool sock offers a polished and more sophisticated way to add interest to my wardrobe (bonus: they keep me warm).

As for women – given the bulk of your average men’s work sock, it becomes the perfect accessory for layering over your winter leggings.

photo of Torunn Splitter from torunn.se

So, the next time you get socks for Christmas, say thanks, because your best interest was at heart. Maybe it was not a fashion-conscious decision, but having the option gives you the opportunity to warm up your winter wardrobe in style. The winter is a tough fashion season for some, because the immediate assumption is that winter means 10 different layers. Even if you have to layer, you can make calculated choices to improve what would otherwise be a drab outfit. At Dressed for Dinner, I like to start one sock at a time.

Summer is gone, stay warm!



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7 responses to “Putting the Foot to the Fashion Pedal

  1. michelle

    i like that these socks are both stylish and very practical at the same time.

    i wasn’t too crazy about the bulk of the men’s size socks though so i cut off a bit at the toe and stitched it up to fit my smaller feet. it doesn’t feel as good but it does the trick and looks okay!

  2. tokunn

    oh this is great! haha, i wish someone had given me socks for christmas, it’s the coldest winter we’ve had since the 80’s and i have no warm socks! oh and btw, it’s torunn.se, not torrun.se, but thank you very much for the cred!


  3. I call them construction socks (since my father and everyone I know used to wear them when they worked outdoors).

  4. michaella

    what is the brand of these socks my fater used to wear them and i want some

  5. Jim

    Are these Nigel Knox socks?

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