State of the union address

Winter warmth, despite the ever changing climate is a hot commodity. The problem is, it is hard to procure pieces that can bring you from the harsh cold months to the comfort of Spring.

I wager that the union suit is just the piece you will need in your winter wardrobe, because not only is it warm enough as underwear, it is great as a statement piece as well.

Flickr user •a•j•u•i•c•y•o•w•l• from

Its classic, heirloom aesthetic is not only nostalgic, but practical. It is the equivalent of “underwear as outerwear” in womenswear without the lace trim.

If you purchase one in grey or white, you also have a blank canvas to work with. You can wear as is, or top with a long shirt and nothing more. If you are not as brave, you can throw on a simple short to distract from your lower half but this takes away from its impact.

I like the idea of keeping the lines clean, foregoing a pair of shorts. It is provocative because most people are not used to men exposing so much and I am a huge proponent of creating a stir.

Black union suit by Oak NYC |

Since union suits have become trend items, it is a little difficult to find the A.P.C or Oak versions photographed above. However, some net sleuthing brought me to a company  who has made a business of making like-items and other warmth-inducing products:

Union Suit by Indera Mills (available in red and white) |

Spotted: Dolce and Gabbana Fall 2010

Dolce and Gabbana Fall 2010

Or, if you have the means. There is always D & G.

Stay warm.



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