Fashion Magazine x The Bay

How do you make a white space more than just a white space?

The process is similar to filling a blank text box, or an individual page of a magazine. Whatever you do, it needs to be special.

Fashion Magazine teamed with The Bay last night in an effort to preview their new contemporary space, adjacent to the revitalized “Room.” FM’s staff were hospitable and dedicated to their guests, which for me was wonderful because I am relatively new to the fashion event scene. I am happy to report that delicious wine, a well thought out DJ playlist and the ability to preview some beautiful clothes was enough to make my evening enjoyable. Now onto the space …

Mannequins in Sonia Rykiel at The Bay

I was invited to attend the event and I thought I would take this opportunity to meet people, but also check out some collections from designers I love.

The Bay is really trying to appeal to a higher end consumer. How else could you explain pieces that cost $1500 dollars, or basic sweaters by Sonia Rykiel that retail at $300.

Surface to Air at The Bay

I was not impressed with many pieces that had been selected for most collections, but I was thrilled to see that they had purchased from Surface to Air and Naked and Famous. These were two ranges that really spoke to the contemporary space that was promised in the invite. Unfortunately, this contempo-wow factor was weakened with a very sugary sweet “Juicy Couture” showcase that screamed “oh God, please buy me” rather than “we’ll let our beautiful clothes speak for themselves.”

Fashion Magazine presents The Bay

I was quite enamored with the exit display of mannequins. The set up reminded me of Darryl Hannah which evoked a sense of familiarity. My mind wanders, so please let me know if you get the same feeling. Although this display offered a sense of excitement, it did not carry throughout the space. In an alcove of a department store that is trying to reach the more discerning customer, choices were made that mimicked old standards.

Halston display at The Bay

Halston at The Bay

Although the space itself had questionable styling, Fashion Magazine managed to reach a group of people who live and breath fashion. The event provoked discussion and exposed participants to garments they may not have the opportunity to see or touch. For this reason, I believe The Bay is offering something to Toronto’s fashion community. I will return as new pieces are selected because it is my belief that as the space matures, so will its selection.

Guest Spotlight:

Maggie Belcastro | photo by Kevin Naulls

Media events are packed to the walls with people, but Maggie shone through the sea of monochromatic black with her eye-catching Boone-inspired chapeau.

She mentioned that it originally had a tail, but the hat’s earlier stages were as a childhood plaything. Wear and tear took their toll and the tail has become a friend’s fashionable accessory. She matches her adventurous headpiece with vintage finds that you can tell she loves from the excitement in her voice when describing where she found them.

She works for Grange of Prince Edward Vineyard, a winery started by her mother, a former Paris runway model. The beauty of having a former model for a mother is that her vintage Yamamoto pieces make great heirlooms. I am green with envy.


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