Ezra’s dark heroes trump Greta’s skinny bitches

At an Audi dealership in downtown Toronto, a basement parking garage was transformed into a runway to showcase both Fall 2010 collections for Greta and Ezra Constantine.

My heart was won by the Ezra collection – battered and bruised, but never down, these boys know how to push fashion forward.

Model for Ezra Constantine | photo by Kevin Naulls

Sidestepping all aspects of heritage menswear, EC’s Fall 2010 collection takes a more rough and rugged approach to fashion.

I learned from hair and makeup personnel that the men’s hair was left untouched, for brute’s sake. And brute they were – well, to be honest, the bruises and blood looked a little DIY Hallowe’en, but I knew where they were going, so no big deal. I liked the direction and I will take macabre over sh-sh-sugar town.

Model receives a touch-up | photo by Kevin Naulls

The theme was darkly dystopian coupled with steampunk fetishism – wool, vinyl, leather and period accessories brought each look together, offering a complete collection of separates that could easily be mixed and matched.

This was my favourite piece of the night, but unfortunately this photo does not do it justice. The boys took your average wool coat and blew my mind – making the coat oversized was a great decision, because it transformed into an eye catching cape-meets-poncho-meets-overcoat. Take your pick, because they are all there (aesthetically anyway). I see nice things on the runway from time to time, but this is the first instance where a single garment has made me stand up in glory. How embarrassing.

Sadly, I did not get any runway images for Greta Constantine, but I did manage to snap some model pics backstage.

Model for Greta Constantine Fall 2010 | photo by Kevin Naulls

I decided to focus on Ezra Constantine, because I believe it was the more complete of the two collections shown last night – that, and I am a man who appreciates interesting menswear – which it most certainly was.

Starting the show with Skinny Little Bitch was very apropos, because there was no meat on those bones. Tall, legs-for-days models showed off an assortment of jersey dresses that have become the look for Greta girls in Toronto.

Model HAIR EMERGENCY | photo by Kevin Naulls

Jersey fell nicely over slim silhouettes, showcasing what I believe to be their strongest feature – the ‘drape.’ I only wish they would have omitted the fur, because it did not flow in an elegant manner. As ‘hard’ as the show aimed to be, fur appeared stiff and cheap – almost like hair, but reminiscent of carnival faux fur plush. This is not the fur I know – no sir.

Backstage Snaps

Thirsty model | photo by Kevin Naulls

photo of Jason Howlett | photo by Kevin Naulls

You can visit Jason at jasonhowlett.com to see some of his own photography, but I shot him at the show because of his amazing jump suit paired with oxford and bow tie. Bond-meets-Jason Voorhees? I loved the look – more people should be this bold.



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3 responses to “Ezra’s dark heroes trump Greta’s skinny bitches

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  2. Hey there! Don’t know how I stumbled upon your website. I believe it was through a long-winded link fest through other blogs. I enjoy what you post, and check your blog often for updates. How did you happen upon mine? Thank you for the comment 🙂

  3. Audrey

    Awesome concept, love it 🙂

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