Mass Exodus: In Bloom

Mark your calendars if you have not already. On April 7 and 8, the graduating students from Ryerson’s School of Fashion will be debuting collections that have been the source of blood, sweat and tears (lots and lots of tears).

Mass Exodus may not seem to have the same cache as Central Saint Martins, but appearances can be deceiving.

At one point in time, the school was home to David Dixon, Arthur Mendonca and  Lucian Matis  – designers who have made strides in both Canadian and international markets. Not too shabby.

Fashion forecasters and trendsetters will be out in full force, trying to scoop the next Mark Fast, Jeremy Laing or Rad Hourani.

That is a lot of pressure for idealistic students, but they can handle it.

They did just finish a grueling four years of pattern drafting, textile design, sewing and critique. Such resilience will surely pay off.

And it will. Why? Because Mass Exodus is a pat on the back for the students who persevered – you made it. No ceremonial mortarboards, no cheesy photo-ops, but a chance at immediate exposure – the kind of exposure that might take years of knocking on doors to get post-grad. Savour it, because the road ahead might be bumpy – remember Alexander Queen? Not everyone was so keen on his vision in the beginning, but through determination and some great friends, he became the enfant terrible that everyone grew to love and respect.

I am excited to see what the next wave of designers have to offer. Some may have more finished collections and others may have steered clear of cohesion, but I will not know until April 7. I cannot wait.

Interested in attending? Have I sold you on the power of now?

You still have an opportunity to buy tickets:

Dates: March 2nd, 2010 – March 31st, 2010

Times: Tuesdays 10am – 1pm & Wednesdays 12pm – 2pm
Location: KHS 243 (Ryerson University, School of Fashion Offfice)
Prices: $20, $25, $30
Method of Payment: Cash Only

photos provided by Kenia Avendano – check out her behind the scenes Mass Exodus news at the In Bloom blog.


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  1. Ryerson

    stunning Natalie Smakosz

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