Are you there LGFW? It’s me, Kevin

This season, I broke out as an accredited blogger – I received many glares as my bearded, lumberjack exterior graced the front rows of many shows, but seeing as I was there to be heard (or in this case, read) and not seen, I returned the “who does he think he is” glances with a patented Kevin half-smile. I was working for BlogTO this season, an outlet that believes in free expression – if I liked a show or didn’t, my review was honest.

Check out my BlogTO reviews of the following shows:  The Heart Truth, LOVAS, Zoran Dobric, Orange by Angela Chen, Saniya Khan, Pat McDonagh, Preloved, Jules Power and Gaudet

Stay tuned for Dimitri Chris and The Ryerson School of Fashion presents Come Dine with Me.

In the meantime, I would like to post some personal pictures. It was a great week, but a tiring one – the kind of week that doesn’t end and could only be fueled by proper nourishment. For some reason, the FDCC believes that charging 2 dollars for a banana is an allowable markup. Oh, bananas aren’t your bag? Try a miniscule chicken or vegetable sandwich for 8 dollars. The reason food was such a major concern for the media was the considerable distance from the Allstream Centre to any kind of food seller – at the CNE grounds, there are zero options. Zero.

No wonder the models had to petition for food in the back room, only to be saved by the designers they walked for or in one instance, a celebrity model with the most striking cherry red lips.

Model sits for hair and makeup at Jules Power | photo by Kevin Naulls

What did I see? Black, lots of it.

Orange by Angela Chen F/W 2010 | photo by Kevin Naulls

Menswear for the Brant House boys…

Zoran Dobric F/W 2010 | photo by Kevin Naulls

and some creative student fashion from the Ryerson class of I don’t know when (the program didn’t say),  just to name a few of the shows that graced the runway this season.

For a week of fashion, I am sad to report that there wasn’t much to go gaga over. Check out my reviews for BlogTO to see full collections and see if you agree. I am sure you will.

Anne Marie Mediwake in Farley Chatto for The Heart Truth | photo by Kevin Naulls



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2 responses to “Are you there LGFW? It’s me, Kevin

  1. Audrey

    I agree, the lack of food makes no sense whatsoever.

    It’s sad that it had to get to the point where models had to petition for food, but I’m glad word got out there. Hopefully they’ll plan it better next year!

    I loved your post on Jules Power. I wish I was in attendance! And of course, kudos on the Saniya Khan writeup. lol.

    You survived another fashion week! Congrats 🙂

  2. FZ

    From previous years experience, it’s actually the responsibility of the designers to provide food to their staff/models as that’s who the models are essentially working for.

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