Suitorial: The Summer Suit

For the dapper gentleman, or someone who is looking to make a statement this summer, a suit could be just the ticket. Any look from the Tom Ford S/S 2010 collection (selection, above) will do, but high end isn’t your only option.

Most men see suits as an impractical choice for the sweaty months, but summer suiting offers an alternative to traditional, heavy formal attire that men associate with weddings, funerals and just about any gathering that warrants getting out your old tried and true black and white.

The most traditional summer suit you can find is made from a material commonly known as seersucker – it is lightweight, casual, somewhat wrinkled (furthering the whole ‘casual’ aesthetic) and most importantly, comfortable.

Seersucker suit by Flickr user jblough

The ensemble has a very GQ element to it – not too bold, but has enough character to add a bit of intrigue to your daily wear. Adding a summer suit to your collection can transition quite seamlessly into a wardrobe that already consists of bermuda shorts, short sleeve button ups, boat shoes and just about every other summer staple. The point being made here is that you won’t look like you’ve completely changed your look, because most men can rock the seersucker. Perfect for your pennies is the fact that most vintage stockists carry a range of seersucker pre-summer. If you are aiming to suck this summer, I’d hit your local vintage favourites now.

Brooks Brothers makes attaining the Cape Cod look seem effortless, matching a two-button blazer with Americana tie. Fortunately, this look is not limited to showcasing patriotism and given the ubiquity of Sperry Topsiders, you may already have some of the existing parts of the whole – a light weight pant (preferably linen), chambray shirt, bow tie and casual footwear paired with a more traditional looking blazer adds a sophistication to your summer staples without compromising comfort.

As for sunglasses? Sure, I suppose you can’t go wrong with a solid black set of wayfarers, but I like the direction of Oliver Peoples Spring/Summer 2010 campaign. If your wardrobe is going to be relaxed yet stylish, why not add a bit of contrast? I prefer the rounded frames/lenses that flip up. Not too shabby.

This summer, suit up. Don’t limit dressing “up” for those choice occasions throughout the year – aren’t you tired of the same old thing anyway?


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