I Wear Clothing Sometimes

I decided a long time ago that I wasn’t going to join the other style bloggers out there, because frankly, the internet is dripping with them. I am more interested in using my blog as a place to write, but pictures make people giddy and I like how the reds and blues in my shirt bring out the darkness in my hair (but really, it is so dark I don’t need much). Hopefully this will inspire you to use colour (a little or a lot) in your summer wardrobe.

Shoes: H & M

Jeans: Club Monaco

Shirt: Penguin by Munsingwear

Glasses: Joe Fresh

Face: Kevin Naulls



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2 responses to “I Wear Clothing Sometimes

  1. michelle

    omg that face is so cute! where can i get myself one!

    i like how the blue and red reminds me of those old school 3d pictures

    • naulls

      Face is available at Target for a limited time only.

      Imagine if you put on 3D glasses and something sexy happened. Okay, stop imagining that.

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