Derek Blasberg asks Toronto, “Classy or Trashy?”

Derek Blasberg’s resume reads like my wildest dreams, with Harpers, V and Interview among his extensive laundry list of writing gigs. The Bay decided to go for back to back wins last night with an event hosting the esteemed author and journalist for a cocktail affair. The result: chaos in the best possible form. Fashion’s finest arrived in their Rodarte, Proenza, Brooks Brothers — you name it, it was there. It was clear that Toronto wanted to impress the man who hangs with the likes of Chloe Sevigny and Leigh Lezark (just to name a couple of the hot girls he could call on speed dial).

The event wasn’t all about socializing. Blasberg came to Toronto to showcase his talents as a budding self-help aesthete, which meant showing the city how media savvy he could be. Toronto fans circled the suited Blasberg, yet there was no pecking order in sight. A murder of fashion crows and one Blasberg — as traumatizing as it could have been, Toronto’s fashion flock was civilized and each member took his or her moment to ask a question, stroke the arm of his suit or attempt humor in hopes that he may tweet about it later.

For someone who has been so well trained at being “on” for the media, there was an authenticity to some of the words he spoke. He was incredibly busy (the space was jammed), so he couldn’t have long conversations, but he was thankful for such great attendance, and he offered positive words for Toronto’s vintage, restaurants and hospitality. Later, he jokingly asks us to “hock” his book, but as a best-selling author to date, I do not see Blasberg running into any troubles with sales.

The question of the night was, are you classy or trashy? You’ll have to read the book to find out more, but that is the lingering question in Blasberg’s first book, “Classy.” Buttons circulated The Room at The Bay with the words “I’ve read Classy and I’m Classy” or “I’ve read Classy and I’m Trashy.”  As pins pierced lapels, it became clear that Toronto was a classy girl, with some trash for good measure.

For the reader:

Are these fashion ladies and gents CLASSY or TRASHY? I spotted some beautiful people at The Room, but it is your turn to have your say. What do you think?

Fashion designer Ashley Rowe (right) & guest (in Rowe ’10 splatter!)

‘Classy’ cover photographer, Doug Friedman

Byrdie Bell and Lyle Maltz

Russell Peltonen

Fashion designer Amanda Lew Kee (left) & guest

photos by Kevin Naulls


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