Hamilton: Time pieces of the future

No, these aren’t Trekker accessories, they are the latest in exclusive time pieces from Hamilton watches.

It has been ages since I have worn a watch. I have always been partial to pocket watches because of their classic — and excuse the pun — timeless quality. However, when these watches made their way into my inbox, I had to share them. Each piece is made in a limited production run of 999 pieces, so if you want one, you will have to act fast.

The Hamilton Ventura XXL white (seen above) retails for $1395 CDN. Pricey, sure, but take a look at the detail of this beauty:

Solidly built, the price tags may intimidate the consumer (like me), but when you factor in the quality of make and the interest of the design, you will realize that having a watch of such value will last for many years to come.

The Hamilton Time Player ($3050 CDN) is best suited toward the jet setter or those who are within their means to live a bi-coastal lifestyle. Have a pied a terre in a quaint Parisian borough? This will suit you just fine. I will stare at this longingly, in hopes that my future takes me to a world where time piece designs like this dress men of all kinds.

Last but not least is the Hamilton ODC X 2 ($2100 CDN), a model that was inspired by a watch designed by Hamilton for the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.

From Hamilton…

“A valve-like pusher at the top of each dial enables the setting of three independent times. Viewed from the side, these resemble miniature telescopes with easy-to-grip tips. The analog time display in each of the three sections is close to the pusher, giving the impression that it is floating to the surface of the dial window. Each window has its own curved sapphire crystal, enclosing the top and side of the individual dial for self-contained timekeeping in the chosen zone.”

I first became aware of Hamilton after their partnership with local Toronto designer Philip Sparks. I was interested then and now that the new designs have launched, I can see why the company is so successful. They have created the designer kicks of time pieces. Limited runs, high price point, expensive material and futuristic designs will attract many, including those who aren’t the watch-wearing sort.

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  1. Hi!

    I Love!!!!

    I’ve already preorder the Timeplayer on http://www.hamilton-lab.com

    Nice article!

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