Plutino Group relaunch website at Parts and Labour

Last night, Tatiana Read (above) of KnotPR hosted a party for the website relaunch of lifestyle management firm, Plutino Group. I spoke with local PR star Michelle Reagan (above, left) about the newly remodeled site and she noted, “it offers a chance to be more interactive.” I agreed, because it is what I love most about the site’s overall image. I likened it to a past Uniqlo web design, where instead of offering a lookbook, they looped runway footage in the background of the site with description tags attached to each piece of clothing. It is the kind of touch that helps a consumer understand the product better – exactly what is needed, because styling (for example) is not a service that can be sold out of a catalogue.

Plutino is fashionably linked in their management of  hair & make up professionals and stylists specializing in editorial, show room  and off-figure/product work. Nodding to this, Tatiana enlisted the aid of famed Canadian designers Philip Sparks, Mark Fast, Mikhael Kale and Ezra Constantine. Their contribution? A live installation of models wearing designer fashions, helping soften the palate between bites of Parts and Labour’s delicious charcuterie.

Philip Sparks brought us a fetching fella in his addition to the live installation. Tailored pieces were paired with a workwear inspired plaid button-up to create an effortlessly Canadian ensemble.

Mikhael Kale brought out a gorgeous glitter bombshell – a beautiful black dress nods to the 80s, complete with shimmer, a cinched waist and a sexy exposed shoulder.

Ezra Constantine brought a harder aesthetic to contrast Sparks’ dandy. A personal favourite from Ezra’s last runway — the oversized wool jacket — made an appearance and it is just as wonderful up close.

Then there was Mark Fast, undoubtedly the sexiest looks of the evening. Until last night, I had only seen his work online or on Fashion Television, so it was a real pleasure to look at the detail of his designs. It makes complete sense that Fast used plus sized models to preview his collection in the past, because his garments love a curvy shape. His ultra-fitted body-conscious aesthetic shows off a woman’s body beautifully – no underwear or bra required, just pull it on (you can definitely wear underwear if you want, don’t worry).

Mark Fast (photographed above) was in attendance with all other designers participating in the show. It was an opportunity for members of the fashion community to shake hands and break bread — in absence of bread, there were oh-so-good pulled pork sliders — because the bond between stylist, hair and make up, designer and media is a close one. Each member plays a significant role in the pursuit of a more fashionable, artful world and to be contained in a beautiful space with beautiful clothing and informed people is a situation that breeds new ideas – the kind of ideas that make writers better writers and designers, better designers.

I’d like to offer my congratulations to Plutino Group for a successful web re-launch. Offering an online backstage pass to the services you offer is a smart and necessary move that I believe will pay off immensely. In case you missed it, check out their website to take a peek at their video background.


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