Tavi, the Sassy “wunderkind”

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Tavi Gevinson at ideaCity on Friday for BlogTO (article to come, very soon) – she was speaking about much beloved magazine Sassy and her aspirations to create a like-magazine of her own. Contrary to popular belief, she is not merely a lucky 14 year old (she jokingly described herself as a “wunderkind”). Listening to her humanist vs feminist debate, it became clear that Tavi’s mind is not limited by the cultural significance of a Miu Miu print.

From her speech:

“There are a lot of women who do not identify with feminism. They say, “I am a humanist,” but that is the problem.”

Humanism is not a problem on its own, because Tavi “gets that” but what she is really explaining is how young girls and women alike should subscribe to a feminist ideology because acceptance is the first step toward overcoming any stereotypes that may exist. The more girls who identify with feminism, the less likely others will immediately discredit a Third Wave feminist movement.

It all made sense, even if the time allowance did not really provide a proper outlet to convince the many conservative women in the audience that being a feminist did not equate to being militant. However ambitious Tavi’s Sassy 2010 goal may be, one thing is certain: She does not see her age as a limitation – she does, in fact, want to “do everything.”

Tavi is wearing a combination of Miu Miu, Happy Socks and thrifted finds, in case you were wondering. Tavi believes that girls and women should dress, not as a way to attract, but more as an opportunity to wear what you love. If only this were the norm, because the world would be a much more colourful place.

photos by Kevin Naulls (top two) and Angela Martin (bottom)


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