Creep 2010

Creep caught my eye because of their amazing graphic shorts. I think I speak on behalf of at least 60% of the male population when I say that colourful options are often too subtle, perpetuating a Modern American Classic aesthetic, rather than a “here comes the Summer” mood. While I love Cape Code, sometimes I just want the option to pop (more than just my collar – I never pop my collar).

The brand makes its statement with very eye catching brights and illusion-inducing graphics, but this philosophy does not remain in summer 2010.

Fall 2010 had its share of hypno-graphics, including this 2 piece suit. The fit of the jacket is not really accessible, but the print and the pant are at the top of my list.

Then I saw this outfit. It is so quintessentially me, that I am going to have to save for a very long time to buy each and every piece. If I had to pin down a favourite, it would be the toggled and hooded quilt jacket in navy, but the plaid shirt is so wonderful and colourful, that it’d be hard to pass up.

I already have underdyed denim, and argyle socks aren’t too difficult to come by, so it is really just a matter of time before I get connected with my inner creep.

I really could not fault the Fall/Winter collection. It combined pieces that I own, with must-haves and practicality is always a good thing (for you, and your wallet). I believe they are in the process of becoming a top-tier brand, because they consider what men already have in their wardrobes. Utilizing core pieces, but showcasing desirable new looks, is the fastest way from runway to my closet.


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