Oliver Peoples Clip-on: Summer 2010

One campaign that I have been unable to shake from my mind is Oliver Peoples’ pairing with Shirley Manson and Elijah Wood.

Manson’s fiery, wind-tossed red hair frames a pair of sun-blocking shades, but what has my eyes focused are Elijah Wood’s Riley frames, with optional clip-on ($165). The clip-on to be exact.

I have been seeking a vintage option with a clip & flip attachment, but vendors in my local area have been without. I continue returning to this campaign for inspiration and what I found out was not only is there one pair with a clip-on attachment, there are two: Sheldrake and Cocobolo Riley.

The flip reminds me of old photographs of gentleman who predate the ubiquity of contact lenses and bedazzled frames. The tortoise-like frame adds enough appeal without being too garish, or “LA” – your glasses should be sensible and timeless, because you are going to wear them year round.

A clip is a practical addition, allowing for easy transition from summer to spring. Adding to its practically is the fact that it comes in three finishes to suit the coloured frame you select: Antique gold, silver and gun metal. What seems like just another accessory is actually the most economical, practical and stylish choice for the summer. What I like about it most is the fact that come next summer, I won’t need to desperately seek a new pair of shades, because as far as I am concerned, Oliver Peoples has never really gone out of style. The brand will be dressing the faces of stylish gents for many years to come.

If you need to buy any of the glasses mentioned above, or like me, you are jonesing for a pair of Sheldrakes with a clip-on, you can find a complete listing of Oliver Peoples boutiques and stockists, here. The clip-on has just hit stores and they are likely to be a big hit this summer, so I suggest you motor it over to a boutique near you.

photos by Oliver Peoples


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