BEARDED: Jurgen Oeltjenbruns

Jurgen Oeltjenbruns may not be a household name to everyone, but he is certainly a respected member of the fashion community. He has worked for Donna Karan, Club Monaco and Versace, just to name a few of his successes. However, despite his job of directing the trends for future seasons, Oeltjenbruns prefers simplicity over fashion forward thinking. Keeping it basic may seem like the easy choice, but there is a difference between wearing the same old shirt and constructing an aesthetic that speaks to your personality – choosing clean lines and a subtle palette to create a uniform that is all your own.

Name: Jurgen Oeltjenbruns

Occupation: Fashion Designer

City: New York (Originally: Oldenburg, Germany)

Are you a grower or a show-er? Are you the type of guy who has always had a beard, or is your growth a response to a trend?

I have had a beard for at least 15 years. Sometimes more trimmed, sometimes more of a mustache.

Do you keep it neat and clean, or is a little unkempt more your style?

Depends on how much time I have. I am not a morning person!

Does your beard ever factor in to the clothes you choose to wear? Do you like to frame it as your statement, rather than wear bold patterns, graphics and colours to distract from it?

I don’t really think about it. My wardrobe is very basic and I had my favorite shirt 10 times duplicated, so it’s easy to choose.

Does facial hair suit everyone? If you weren’t fully bearded, would you sport a ‘stache?

Not sure if it suits everyone, but I would do a ‘stache’ anytime.

How would you classify your style?

I don’t like to classify – I might want to change in the future.

What do you think about bearded, less standardized models on the runways of Yohji Yamamoto, Vivienne Westwood and Walter Van Beirendonck? Can high fashion be showcased in this way?

There are no limits to showcasing fashion. It takes a great mind to dream up presentations. Just look at what Alexander McQueen achieved!

Name one item you will never part with from your wardrobe

My ‘THE THE’ concert t-shirt.

Any advice to those gents out there who may want to achieve a beard like yours?

Moisturize and comb your beard every morning.


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