BEARDED: Michael Yerxa

Michael thinks beards are sexy, so he carries a satchel that screams that to the world. Having tried a beardless route, he quickly learned that the fuzz on his face made him feel comfortable, confident and sexy. With a wardrobe of mostly vintage and a growing collection of statement bags, Yerxa bushes it up in a way that speaks to his own dynamic style.

Name: Michael Lawrence Doyle Yerxa

Occupation: Casting Director

City: Toronto, Ontario

Are you a grower or a show-er? Are you the type of guy who has always had a beard, or is your growth a response to a trend?

I think I am a bit of a grower AND a bit of a shower. I started out trying to become a non-bearded hipster but learned quickly that – inside my soul – I was actually a cub the entire time. My current beard is over a year old. I doubt it will go away anytime in the immediate future.

Do you keep it neat and clean, or is a little unkempt more your style?

My beard is somewhere in between clean and unkempt. I do like it to be a bit more on the bushy side but not so bushy as to alienate the unbearded .

Does your beard ever factor in to the clothes you choose to wear? Do you like to frame it as your statement, rather than wear bold patterns, graphics and colours to distract from it?

I think everyone looks better with a full beard. However having a beard hasn’t really ever dictated what I will or won’t wear. Although sometimes when I wear my Beards are Sexy satchel (I seriously own this) it may be a bit overkill.

Does facial hair suit everyone? If you weren’t fully bearded, would you sport a ‘stache?

I wish everyone could pull off a beard because I have a substantial thing for boys with beards, but I definitely think facial hair doesn’t suit everyone. There are people who can only grow a patchy beard. Some look better with just a mustache. Some look better clean-shaven. If I didn’t have a beard, I’d have a nice big 70’s porn ‘stache.

How would you classify your style?

I’d classify my style as a constant work in progress. I go through phases. Right now I am loving short shorts, tank tops (showing lots of chest hair) and collared shirts with bowties. But one thing in my wardrobe that is a constant is vintage. I rarely buy anything that’s not second hand. I think vintage has character and there is nothing like finding something that is truly one of a kind.

What do you think about bearded, less-standardized models on the runways of Yohji Yamamoto, Vivienne Westwood, Walter Van Beirendonck? Can high fashion be showcased in this way?

I follow a lot of beard blogs and tumblrs and I loved the way these models looked on the runway. It was really refreshing and great to see. I think high fashion can totally be show cased in this way. While most of these models are a bit too slim for my personal cub taste, a great beard is a great beard and it makes for a great fashion statement.

Name one item you will never part with from your wardrobe?

About 5 years ago I was looking for the perfect messenger bag/satchel, a co-worker said she had this great vintage brown leather bag from the 70’s by Roots. She gave it to me and if I had a dime for the amount of compliments I have received, I’d be a very rich, bearded man.

Any advice to those gents out there who may want to achieve a beard like yours?

Grow that beard, own the beard, and join the fold.



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3 responses to “BEARDED: Michael Yerxa

  1. Rockin' Roni

    Michael Yerxa is a man of style and substance. He’s a hottie with or without the beard, but having said that, my favorite visual treat is a neatly trimmed , bearded Michael. OHHH YESSHH.

  2. This was probably my favorite Bearded interview so far, sass wise AND style wise!

  3. ND Mitchell

    His beard just spells sexy on him…I can’t explain it. I just wish he would show more open shirts to show off his chest hair, too, because like he said, he is a cub (but not just any cub, a sexy cub!) 😉

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