ACNE Spring 2011

In fashion there is talk of the overt, the enfant terrible and those just scraping by with the talent they may or may not possess. Make no mistake, ACNE is a brand. The company has finely crafted its vision of the modern man, developing new takes on minimalism and tailoring that extend outside of the boundaries of a ‘one shirt-one pant’ manner of dress. Minimalism can be A.P.C., but it can also be nuanced with pieces that seem relatively tough to pull off (see: overalls (above) – I am not knocking them, because I must have them).

Next spring, fit is going to be quite varied, unlike seasons past. A straight leg will always be popular, given how it flatters the body, but very slim silhouettes and some loose-fit trousers appeared in ACNE’s spring/summer 2011 collection. And, as we saw in Yamamoto, for the more adventurous, there is always the dramatically loose and drape-y options should neither of ACNE’s fits suit your sartorial decision-making in 2011.

White trim detailing on the closure added interest to the above ensemble. Of course, there is no way in hell I am fitting into those trousers, but on the right frame (read: you must be VERY thin), I think they are a very suitable option. The model looks amazing in these pants, but that is because they fit him perfectly. Any bigger and it would be bulge city, population: girth.

Cotton jersey made its inevitable debut, offering sporty options that contrasted ACNE’s more day-to-day shapes. Personally, I found these to be the weakest pieces of the entire Spring 2011 collection. I was much more interested in the tailored options, whether structured or a bit more relaxed.

The cummerbund waist was an excellent detail on the runway and it is something I would add to my list of “trends I need to try out.” As for the short shorts? I couldn’t be more pleased. In terms of more sporty wear, I feel this really spoke to my personal aesthetic. It isn’t too relaxed, and there is a more worn, vintage feel to the overall look. I would ditch the jacket, but that is my own judgment call.

And since most of us probably didn’t attend the preview in Paris (our invitations were probably lost in the mail), here is a video of the event courtesy of ACNE:


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  1. Ugh I would LOVE you in that last two looks!! The model they used is giving my vapours too…although I’m not normally attracted to the gaunt ominous type 😉

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