EHUD Spring/Summer 2011

Fantastic Man has always been a source of inspiration for me. Their daily recommendation is something I follow rather closely and Ehud Joseph, designer of EHUD was a recent find that made me stop and observe with wide-eyed appreciation. EHUD not only speaks to the carefree side of me, but the lilac, grey and blue palette is so muted that it can stand up to more adventurous design. A large hooded rain slicker/poncho a la ‘Riding Hood does not require future-friendly comic prints or foil overlay. It doesn’t need the flash and bang of an “avant-garde” designer, because its simplicity makes it wearable. Although adventurous for most men, it is still a stunner and I could see plenty of men opting for it come spring 2011.

Separates are usually the defining feature of a menswear collection. In short, the typical male consumer is practical. An ordinary man will likely never change his brand of underwear and that manner of thinking usually translates onto the runway when viewing more streamlined, simplistic design. The goal is to see a classic within the collection – something you may want reproduced over and over again. Seen above is a simple v-neck sweater with rib detailing over a slim pair of trousers. Perfect for what appears to be a game of croquet on a cobblestone road. Oh yes, this is something people do.

I was very impressed with the tweed suiting. Speckled in a faint blue and paired with a bright white, there is the illusion of something cosmic. This is a very on-trend option, given the abundance of prints, plaids and paisleys on menswear runways in Paris this season. Although the trend is certainly alive, it is much more subdued, which I actually prefer. The unassuming colour indicates that you can get a lot of wear. I am not sure how frequently you’d wear your oversized paisley suit. Prove me wrong.

It wouldn’t be spring/summer without an above-the-knee shorts option. Sadly, these just remind me of a paper hospital gown. Not quite a skort, not quite a skirt, but certainly shorts that look rather ill-fitting.

EHUD’s portrayal of the modern man is certainly striking. Minor blips cannot take away from the well executed fabrication, perfect choice of colour and bolder shapes. Even when he is treading traditional/heritage silhouettes, the clothes seem to have new life to them. It must be the breath of a Central Saint Martins graduate – that’ll do it, 9 times out of 10.

See the remaining pictures of the collection below, including a quilted jacket with an apron that mimics a 90s shirt-wrap around the waist.



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2 responses to “EHUD Spring/Summer 2011

  1. i am needing that blue poncho thing and the camel long cardigan. STAT.

  2. WOW I LOVE THAT TWEED SUIT! It’s beautiful.

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