Generra Fall/Winter 2010-11

I know it is still summer, but I long for fall.

I have this problem with fashion humility. I don’t really understand how specific colours can be off limits. How colour — in general — should be relegated to the wide open spaces of spring/summer. If noir-on-noir can be a covetable summer staple, then I say spring-like wearable confections can be oh-so-vogue in fall 2010. Enter Generra, a collection that boasts colour combinations that excite the eye, but are balanced by quality, and basic wearable design.

Alright, so this is styled pretty poorly. That toque is a complete distraction and I am not too thrilled with the fit of the graphic undershirt. However, the mossy Cobain-era knit with silver snap closures is a closet staple that is good for lounging with a book or going out on the town (if you live in Greenpoint, Brooklyn or some other hipster mecca). Slouchy doesn’t necessarily equate to sloppy – it is all in how you wear it.

This is arguably my favourite look of the entire collection. I don’t know if they got the inspiration from Frankenstein, but it is what I see in this outfit. The Lurch-shoulder jacket with the fitted plum trouser adds a bit of humour to fashion, without overdoing it. As separates and as a whole, this look is a success.

And then there were sweats. I know they have been trending and most people have been unhappy, but I love the introduction of could-be lounge wear as day-to-day outerwear. I said the same thing about union suits and if done well, I will continue to applaud such efforts. Why should women have all the fun?

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One response to “Generra Fall/Winter 2010-11

  1. Banke

    I say “yes” to color in Fall/Winter collections! I am eagerly anticipating the death of the toque, however.

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