BEARDED: Cromwell and Cruthers

Since the beginning of Bearded, I have noticed that a lot of you are interested. Whether this means you have grown one, are planning to, or are simply an admirer remains to be seen in numbers and referral stats. What has been said by most BEARDED participants so far, is how necessary a regimented trimming process is to maintain the look of a well kept beard. This ties in quite nicely to the relaunch of Cromwell and Cruthers‘ shaving oil ($5.95) – I should mention that I am just now becoming familiar with the brand and I am excited about their future success.

C & C sent me a sample of their product to test and I must say, it wasn’t without merit. I am a pretty down and dirty beard-o-phile, which measures up to my semi-unkempt beard sporting. I don’t mind the messier creams and until recently, I could not be caught without a vintage-inspired cream brush and coarse brush (to straighten things out a bit) to achieve facial hair that is suitably dressed for dinner (or is, at least by my standards).

My first attempt with shaving oil was a great one. Having an all-in-one product makes life simpler. I am all about the quick fix, as I am suitably low maintenance without being lazy. All I had to do was take off the top, squeeze a few drops in my palms and rub it all over the areas to prep for shaving. It is clear too, which aids in seeing the problem areas and you don’t need to moisturize either, because the natural oils take care of that. A convert, yes. Will I exclusively use shaving oil? Probably not, because I have fun with the whole process of globbing up with barber shop-scented creams. However, for travel and those mornings where you do not have time for such antiquated struggles, I say opt for this little bottle of liquid gold.

I used the shaving oil to tidy up the neck and cheeks, but it is perfect for a full shave if (for whatever reason) you aren’t up for beard-y goodness. I used the oil while I was on vacation – it is the perfect travel sized companion, because if you are like me, it only takes a matter of seconds before more beard hair sprouts up.

Stay tuned for a contest where you can take home your very own Cromwell and Cruthers product. In solidarity, Cromwell and Cruthers has graciously offered to team up for BEARDED and supply its revitalizing facial tonic for a lucky reader.

photographs by McKenzie James and all fashions by Philip Sparks


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