CONTEST: Crown Shaving Co.

I have never held a contest before, but being a BEARDED blogger does come with its share of benefits. Reviewing new thirst-for-beard products is fun for me, but knowing for yourself that a product is right for you is its own reward. No two beards are alike.

Dino from Crown Shaving Co. has thoughtfully provided some items (Shave Cream, Soothing After Shave Lotion and Supreme Glide pre-shave formula) from his range to keep your beard maintained. How do you win? There are a number of ways this can be achieved (hooray):

1. If you are a bearded gent, submit a personal photo that best captures your shaving process. Or, if shaving photos aren’t your bag, submit your best BEARDED style pic to

2. Don’t have a beard, but know someone who might benefit from some natural shaving products? With their permision, submit a photo ( Or, the non-photo route: Subscribe to Dressed for Dinner (right hand side of this here blog) and comment with the e-mail you used and the reason you should get your shave on (or why your friend desperately needs a new routine)!

Make sure you follow the rules or your submission will not be accepted. The winner will be chosen by me on September 30, 2010. Plenty of time to snap some pics and make your answers as creative as possible!

Thanks for being a part of my blog. Being party to my beard & fashion union has made this experience much more fun.


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