Marthe Aimé A/W 2010/11

French design label Marthe Aimé have created a line of accessories that were created for a statement in mind. You’ll notice that each photo is styled rather casually, drawing focus to print, extravagant volume and shape.

My personal favourite is the floral cravat (photographed above), which I can see becoming a substitute to your bow ties this holiday season (but lets be honest, when isn’t it time to sport a foulard? Mix it with casual basics or your most formal duds).

A dangling navy ribcage-like accessory also caught my attention – both a tinge edgy and unusually elegant, this piece would look amazing on a slim-to-none figure. Otherwise you’d just look like you are wearing a bib.

On-trend capes were a must to include in this roundup of the France-based designer, especially considering the striking tartan option. But simplistic and modern in navy is an option that must not be overlooked. Although the high collar may seem to veer on the feminine, both options could easily be worn by men and women.

I personally would not have paired this voluminous kefiyah-like headdress with yellow cotton jersey and print leggings. I love the Eastern inspiration, but feel it would be better balanced with noir-on-noir to provide a suitable, less jarring contrast. The easy wrap function makes having a statement accessory quite simple and you’ll avoid an 80s montage whilst selecting your favourite costume jewellery.

What I love most about Marthe Aimé is the brand’s emphasis on play – trying new silhouettes, opting for an accordion tie over factory grade and proportional play with accessories over the ubiquitous crop/drape. If you are looking for a dramatic accessory statement this fall/winter, Marthe Aimé could be your new godsend.


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