Marc Jacobs BANG

Marc Jacobs is launching his new fragrance BANG in Canada in September/October, but I’ve been given the oh-so-strenuous task of sampling the scent before it hits our Northern shelves.

A lot can be discerned from the ads themselves. Marc Jacobs shamelessly spreads across reflective sheets with an oversized BANG bottle at his crotch. Clearly sex is being sold, but how does the scent itself mimic the sensuality of day long romping?

I wanted a true test of BANG’s performance, which is why I sprayed the new fragrance on a couple eager participants, myself included. Fragrance is one of those unbalanced products, because you can never truly gauge its full potential until sprayed on flesh. My powers of deduction concluded that BANG is not for those interested in fresh and clean, but more for those looking to make a statement with scent.

BANG plays off the pheromones we possess by enhancing the brut musk of sweat caused by action. The instant trio of peppercorns are near impossible to miss, but they open up your nasal passage enough to find hints of your own scent mixing in. I think this is essential for any fragrance you wear – dominance is NOT something you want when testing for your signature. If you have ever smelled someone so potent and were put off by their aroma, it is more often the case that they have muted their own natural smells in favour of a cologne bath. Scent should not be direct. It can be overt, but eliminating any hint of yourself disrupts the enhancing quality of a fragrance. A scent can not be your signature, without your own special addition – you.

Jacobs’ BANG is a more modern scent, in the sense that it is by no means modest. The nasal-elevating peppercorns provide a window into other base notes such as patchouli, vetyver and white moss. The combined olfactory profile is very woody/musky, which is exactly what I look for in a scent. I look for a product that balances a man’s natural musk with a thoughtful collection of enhancers. If you are at all like me, you will find this in BANG.

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