Opening Ceremony Fall/Winter 2010-11

Opening Ceremony always appeases hipster royalty – always. I don’t use the word hipster pejoratively either, because Opening Ceremony is pretty darn cool. For fall/winter, the brand took on the trending teals, textures and mixed patterns (for women) to round out their seasonal collection.

Maxi skirts appear to be trending into fall, but with heavier fabrics – paired with a floral accent, it moves away from what would otherwise be something rather gloomy. The cold and damp months of winter are already depressing and Opening Ceremony styled accordingly. As for the gents, it is almost always about layers – layers upon layers upon layers.

But how do you fling fabric all over yourself without looking like a puffy Bruce Vilanch? Opening Ceremony instructs us fellas to wear lighter weights, with a heavier topper. As you can see from the above and past collections (Woolrich from earlier today), teal is rather prominent and will be a staple colour for trend outfits. But what I like about the above the most is the bright, almost noxious sweater. I say almost because it is just bright enough and seasonally apropos – it modernizes the Christmas sweater to a point of I-would-wearability.

But patterns and textures aren’t Opening Ceremony’s only MO. In fact, solids make a showing as well, including the above’s bright yellow slim pant. There is an emphasis on colour (and some, very bright) for Fall/Winter 2010, which is something I would like to encourage. We wonder why we get so moody during the colder, darker months, yet the ennui is always reflected in our dark wool overcoats and clunky boots. I think it is about time we started to show mother nature who is boss, don’t you?

And it can be as bold or as timid as you please. A chunky knit scarf is a pop of colour that doesn’t demand considerable attention, but it does reflect a sunnier disposition. Whereas, Alpen themed sweats with a tapered leg might be a bit more impactful (not for everyone, obviously). I must have them.

And like every fall, tweed returns. In Opening Ceremony’s case, it really returns. Tweed on tweed on tweed on tweed – it is surely a statement, but one that is finely tailored, fitting nicely to the body and setting off the colour in your step (in this case, green formal footwear).

What I like most about Opening Ceremony is that they aren’t afraid to push the conventions of menswear. It can be as subtle as colour, or as bold as pattern mixing, but there attempts always succeed because they push the limits of what I expect from a mainstream retailer. I can’t say I have ever been disappointed.

Pay close to attention to the last three pairs of pants. They all showcase a unique viewpoint and they are all bloody fantastic.


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