Butterflysoulfire Fall/Winter 2010-11

Butterflysoulfire is described by the designers as clothing for the twilight zone, but where the label lacks in a not-so-cheesy description, it makes up for in its well-crafted post-apocalyptic monochrome. I could argue to my death that you should employ some colour in your wardrobe, but I am not oblivious to the fact that noir on noir is a season-less staple for the fashion forward. It just so happens that Butterflysoulfire dishes out the kind of blank slate that I can dig.

You’ll see layers of jersey which is nothing new to the art of free form clothing, but there is a sophisticated drama student – dare I say Hamlet-esque – quality to the brand’s styling.

Given the prominence of black in fashion circles, I am going to wager a great deal that Butterflysoulfire will appeal, but it isn’t solely for its conscious palette, because a brand can’t survive on colour forecasting alone. Instead, the elegant drapes and the forgiving silhouettes appeal to the greatest common denominator, an outlook that isn’t necessary achieved by all brands today.

Hooded options and strong tailoring round out the more futuristic treatments, bringing a wide variety of options to the man with everything. Butterflysoulfire makes the sophisticated casual with a hood, but brings the strength of suiting to the forefront for those men seeking a sense of formality – formality, with a neo-goth twist.


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