Uniforms for the Dedicated F/W ’10/11

Uniforms for the Dedicated is a collective of artists from Sweden who not only design garments, but video and installation art (and anything art-y, really). It doesn’t surprise me that their playful styling and photography engage the spectator in a bit of theatricality. It is the kind of wardrobe theatricality that highlights its inspiration (post-war working men), adding emphasis to the details (suspenders, work boots, wool socks, high waist, collar-less shirt and a cropped flood leg) because we are looking for them (like I said before, any nod to the past is an opportunity for research).

I am a fan of their high waisted flood legged pants with suspenders, but I have yet to find a collar-less shirt that works for me. The shirt modernizes this look, since collar-less is becoming more ubiquitous (this look always seems to return) but the classic work wear elements (heavy boots) ground the outfit to show the balancing of past references with modern collisions.

While you will find blue collar staples amidst UftD’s fall/winter collection, pay close attention to the updates: tapering, dropped crotches, cropping and the cheekiest of all, the pocket square in a rugged made-for-work jacket.


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