Palladium Concept Store: Amsterdam

Palladium footwear is branching out with the launch of a concept store in Amsterdam. Palladium can be found in the heart of Amsterdam’s busiest pedestrian district on Leidesestraat 19 and what you’ll find is a mixture of concrete and rubble to support the brand’s latest expansion.

The space is 950 square feet and was designed by German design team Gadde and Wawro who are no stranger to footwear, as they are a go-to firm for other shoe powerhouse K-Swiss. Their design is obviously industrial in inspiration, but how does it successfully reflect the brand?

The answer: completely. Palladium as a brand can be defined – for me, anyway – quite succinctly as practical, rugged and nostalgic. Their brand capitalizes on a work wear aesthetic, with updates that acknowledge our reluctance to wear heavy steel-toed boots. The space captures this workman aesthetic, with bins of rubble cast again the level and finished concrete structures. The clash of modern vs rugged industrialism speaks to the brand’s versatility, but it also adds a unique space for inquiring minds who may not be familiar with the brand. The shoes are not merely practical, because they possess a vision for a lifestyle oft-overlooked. The lifestyle I speak of is one that does not subject its participant to expensive – often excessive – details and unnecessary discomfort, but one of ease of wear and streamlined aestheticism. Palladium is sending us the message that what they offer is no longer bourgeois. Frankly, I’m on board.



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2 responses to “Palladium Concept Store: Amsterdam

  1. Ewan

    Aha, I’m in Amsterdam soon! Better check it out!

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