Opening Ceremony x Pendleton F/W

Opening Ceremony is one of my favourite brands of all time. That may sound like overselling, but OC teams with the best and the outcome is always a series of covetable additions to the every man’s wardrobe. Without fail, Fall/Winter’s union with Pendleton does not disappoint:

Opening Ceremony does not shy away from colour, which is admirable for the menswear market. The above plays with colour in a variety of ways, from the Navajo-esque scarf, to the multi-stripe band on the jacket and muted plaid pant. Opening Ceremony is showing the modern man that experimenting with colour should be bold and interesting. As much as a subtle pop of colour is an adventure, OC is asking us to go on a Bill & Ted-style excellent adventure.

A closet staple is a nice wool pant and OC offers it in a grey plaid, which is bold enough in pattern – they don’t want to create a statement that says “LOOK AT MY PANTS” with vibrant colours, because the interest lies in the pattern itself. Mixing patterns and textures is a trend for fall and OC notes this by styling the pant with another shade of plaid. An eye-guiding look if I’ve ever seen one.

Where the looks are more subtle, Opening Ceremony finds a way to sneak the interest of Pendleton into the looks. A Navajo bag or a print sock/warmer is the perfect complement to a streamlined pant and basic plaid button up.

The last item I find interesting is this modern take on the motorcycle jacket, with a colour-blast from the striped panel across the chest. What you’ll take away from Opening Ceremony’s collabs (and even their own ranges) are modern fits, tailored well and close to the body, but with the interest of colour to deviate from any subdued neo-Goth fantasies you may be sporting lately.



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3 responses to “Opening Ceremony x Pendleton F/W

  1. Opening Ceremony is the new Barney’s….or i should say even more fun and sophisticated version of it, their business concept in my opinion is genius and inspiring, i just hope that down the road in 5-10 years they will keep that and will not sell out…
    btw I love the motorcycle jacket version, its once again a great twist to a classic staple, check out some other contemporary takes on the motorcycle jacket on

  2. I get so jealous of guys clothes sometimes lol. it’s stuff like that red coat and scarf. GAWgeaous!

    • naulls

      Chris, I think you should experiment with men’s clothing. If “boyfriend” dressing can become fashionable to some (and in a lot of cases this literally meant taking a boyfriend’s shirt), then with the right styling, that scarf/vibrant Duffle look could be yours. Unless you try, you never know!

      – Kevin

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