PLAID: Blazer with Gingham



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6 responses to “PLAID: Blazer with Gingham

  1. Prince of prints! LOVE! xo

  2. cool combination! what did the pants look like? solid or pattern as well?
    i love gingham shirts! i actually make them in case you ever looking for a custom made ones… take a look if you get a chance:

    • naulls

      I had a look AMOS!

      I love all things gingham and your shirts look great!

      My pants were a solid, to ground the shock of the pattern mixing. I like to go big, but I know my limitations.

  3. You’re simply beyond!! xoxo

    • naulls

      No, you are simply beyond. I don’t know if you got my tweet before, but thanks for the nice things you said about me on your blog. You, @SlowDecade and I will need to meet at some point. The internet is much too vast and I could not possibly swim it all.

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