NOW Magazine presents: The Bloggers

Blogging has become such a versatile method of sending a message, that it is no surprise it has become such a rising community. From mommy bloggers to food critics, the move to online has been swift. Most of our lives are online.

This isn’t news to anyone. We have all heard about the Gen Y bubble and how our dependence on online matters could eventually be our downfall, but presently, it serves as an outlet for conversation – and in fashion, this proves to be something that is a rapidly growing enterprise.

When Andrew Sardone from Toronto independent weekly “NOW Magazine” asked to feature myself and some fellow bloggers/writers (Stefania Yarhi (leather skirt) from Textstyles and Kimberly Lyn (sequin blazer) from the Souls of my Shoes), I agreed because I see it as a great opportunity to send my message even further. I feel as though Dressed for Dinner is more than just beards, plaid and a nice piece of work here and there. It is the combination of all of these points of interest and how they culminate to form an ideal of fashion. A concept of man that is oft-overlooked.

Thank you to NOW (Andrew) for adding me to your list of interesting blog finds – I promise not to disappoint. My penchant for facial hair and plaid shall not waiver.

On me:

Toque: H & M

Flannel button-up: Club Monaco

Plaid suiting & footwear: Philip Sparks

Photo credits: 1) Kimberly Lyn, The Souls of my Shoes  and 2.  photo by Michael Watier (as seen in NOW Magazine)


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  1. Adam

    Congrats on the press!

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