Beard Style: Vintage Aquascutum

I wouldn’t typically have so many photos of myself, as I am not really partial to “outfit” posts, but since LG Fashion Week has just flown by, a few choice photos have sprung up. If you actually lined the photos of me throughout the week, you would see a flip book of the stages building up to the moment fatigue set in.

Chapeau: Brooks Brothers

Jacket: Vintage Aquascutum

Pants: Levi’s

Shoes: Vintage

Plaid shirt: Vintage

Socks: Happy Socks

Bag: Vintage

photo by Jason Howlett



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5 responses to “Beard Style: Vintage Aquascutum

  1. I am loving this look! Dying over that bag! Also your moose sweater…brilliant…not many people can pull off a moose on their chest! Hats off to you my friend! xo-LLD

  2. FM

    I love the vintage pieces in this post. Could you tell me of any good vintage places in Toronto for men? These are great finds.

    • naulls

      Thanks FM (what is your real name?),

      I got the Aquascutum jacket and bag from Public Butter on Queen West, west of Dufferin on the north side (, the plaid is from a shop that doesn’t exist anymore and the shoes if I remember correctly were from House of Vintage (which is directly across from Public Butter).

      I would start there, then wander over to Vintage 69 next to “the Social” because Kealan is amazing and she knows how to pick.

      Are you from Toronto?

  3. I love this outfit! the trench is really beautiful

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