BEARDED: Adam Humphreys

Adam Humphreys channels his own life experiences to create film, but labeling a movie as a “documentary” comes with a laundry list of conventions. It is his personal style that escapes any typical fashion rules or trends, satisfying his own personal human need for comfort. Humphreys has what I like to call a beard in transition, or one that never looks the same twice (notice the unkempt and smattered growth), and despite describing himself as a “gentrified hipster,” note that there is no statement to be made from his facial fuzz – he’ll skip the irony because his beard – although in a turnstile-like state of coming and going – always returns (est. 2006).  I liken Adam to the biology student who wears a bucket hat with lycra pants and a utilitarian vest or the retired professor who ditches his expected suede patches for a cotton crew neck sweater and pair of Levi’s. In his dream-like world of film, there is no escaping certain cinematic formulas, but in fashion – or in this case, his fashion – there are no rules. Just Adam.

Name: Adam Humphreys

Occupation: Tree Planter and Filmmaker (check out his documentary, ‘Franz Otto: Ultimate Highballer’)

City: Brooklyn, NYC

Are you a grower or a show-er? Are you a guy who has always had a beard, or is your growth a response to a trend?

I’ve had a beard around 40% of the time between 2006 to present. I’ve shaved completely around 20 times during this period. I use a trimmer once every couple of weeks so it comes and goes. I don’t think my beard is a response to a trend; if something seems trendy I think I feel a small desire to do it’s opposite.

Do you keep it neat and clean, or is a little unkempt more your style?


Does your beard ever factor in to the clothes you choose to wear? Do you like to frame it as your statement, rather than wear bold patterns, graphics and colours to distract from it?

I notice I feel better wearing different types of clothes when my hair or facial hair is at different lengths. I think when my beard is smaller and my hair is shorter I want to wear less conventional outfits. I don’t consider my beard a statement.

Does facial hair suit everyone? If you weren’t fully bearded, would you sport a ‘stache?

Maybe people who have limited capacity to grow facial hair look better with facial hair. People with too much hair just look too wild with beards, to me – like when it comes up to their eyes and just descends into their chest hair.
I don’t think I would have a moustache. I just wouldn’t want to have conversations about it, and it seems like if I did have a moustache I would have to talk about it with people, at least for the first little while.

How would you classify your style?

Gentrified hipster mixed with PNW school teacher who canoes on the weekend.

What do you think about bearded, less-standardized models on the runways of Yohji Yamamoto, Vivienne Westwood, Walter Van Beirendonck? Can high fashion be showcased in this way?

It doesn’t bother me, but it doesn’t excite me either.

Name one item of clothing you will never part with and describe a head to toe look you feel most comfortable in

Black Rad Pants by Mountain Equipment Co-op with the cuff at the ankle. They’ve redesigned them and the new ones are like gore tex trousers (awful). These are my favorite pants for planting, but I also wear them in New York.

My favorite outfit currently is black wool trousers with a mediocre looking ‘office shirt’ thing from LL Bean, a blue shirt jacket from Rag and Bone, a baseball hat and timberland loafers.

Any advice to those gents out there who may want to achieve a beard like yours (i.e. shaving products you use, trimming tips, or just some sage-like wisdom)?

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photos by Jonathan Owen Black


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19 responses to “BEARDED: Adam Humphreys

  1. there’s gotta be something wrong with that guy

  2. hot rats

    that’s not even a real beard. neck scruff.

    this guy is the ceo of ace hardware. tool-rod.

  3. ascension group

    this guy looks angry…probably has a shorty.

  4. yep definitely a small one on that guy

  5. lonny

    oh shit yo iv seen this guy before. he was one of the hobbits in lord of the rings. he was the one in the back with the small cock.

  6. real man

    this is a beard? Nah dude. This shit is fucking pubic hairs man. Get some real fuckers up on here. Nice facial nutsack bro take some hormones and try again.

  7. me gal

    Stop picking on him! He looks like such a nice fella. Prob so gentle and kind in bed. Prob cries after sex. So sweet and so kind.

  8. You guys are way harsh. I think he’s cute.

  9. Johansson

    This guy…… Tree planter? Really? I don’t think the trees want him. His beard looks like my taint hair.

  10. randi

    these comments are indeed amazing. i would hake this humphrey anywhere, any day….

  11. randi

    and by hake i mean take

  12. terrence… is this Zachary German???
    micro pene… lol
    lauren… thank you

  13. Lance


  14. lance dickstrong

    MAN! people must truly and deeply hate this boy with a passion. just looking at his face is inspiring so much hate. thats talent.

    i personally believe this boy is the end game of the elitist, hipster, trust fund, masters degree in nothing, wanna be salt of the earth, stand for nothing, no business trying to grow a beard, brooklyn destroying retards of the world.

    this comment thread is reaching an epic status.

  15. SPN

    I didn’t know we had an Amish community in BK. He was probably exiled from Ontario.

  16. This guy sucks – photo’s are good though.

    P.S. Definitely small Penis.

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