Whillas and Gunn Fall/Winter 2010 Bags

I am always on the look out for a well-crafted bag. I desire a piece that carries enough without being bulky and lets be honest, the idea of carrying a Louis traveler just screams ‘nou-faux riche’. Thankfully Whillas and Gunn have brought their rustic neo-cowboy aesthetic to accessories, continuing with the recent thread of ruck sacks and hard wear toters which add to a newly re-realized sense  of necessity for uniformity and practicality. It is an easy way to add style to your carry-alls, without being a blow hard mono-‘luxe’ louce.



Filed under Fellas

2 responses to “Whillas and Gunn Fall/Winter 2010 Bags

  1. Joce

    i love that duffle bag

  2. Nice duffel bag, but friends don’t let friends wear backpacks.

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