MS & Co. Selvedge Accessories

Portland, Oregon-based MS & Co. were once known for their loafer socks, but now they have expanded their range of accessories to include cult-status selvedge denim. iPad, iPhone, iPod, Passport (I am very excited, because I have been looking for one) and glass cases are all wool-lined to create a barrier between you and your goods and the quality denim is sourced from Cone Mills in Greensboro, NC. What appeals to me is the fact that each piece looks like it blankets the product without squeezing. There are no side seams busting because the fit isn’t precise and everything is well made using 13.5 oz heavy weight raw selvedge denim for shape retension – and MS & Co. says that each piece will age “uniquely to the owner,” which is a benefit that most can appreciate. After a while, no two pieces will be alike.

Price list (US Dollar)

iPad/iPhone combo: $65.00

iPad sleeve: $48.00

Passport sleeve: $30.00

iPhone sleeve: $28.00

Glasses sleeve: $38.00

Field note sleeve: $38.00

photos by MS & Co.



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2 responses to “MS & Co. Selvedge Accessories

  1. Ewan

    Passport sleeve does look like a good idea! I keep sticking mine in my back pocket and it is getting a bit squashed!

    • naulls

      I have always done the same thing. Far too squashed for my liking now. I think I might buy this passport holder. I found one here in Toronto but I don’t love it as much as this one.

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