CONTEST: Dressed for Dinner x Marc Jacobs

After reviewing Marc Jacobs’ latest fragrance, it only seemed appropriate to offer you the opportunity to win a bottle for yourself. BANG is fit for a man (or woman) who seeks a musky scent, layered with a mixture of powerful notes. It would be an ideal gift for your husband, boyfriend or brother (or you! because lets face it, you deserve it), but in order to win, you need to follow a couple of simple rules.

1. Subscribe to my blog on the right with your e-mail

2. IMPORTANT: Leave a comment telling me why you need to get BANGed. Remember to comment with your real e-mail, because if I can’t send you a note saying “OMG YOU HAVE WON,” then I will have to pick another winner.

3. OPTIONAL*: For two additional entries into this contest, tweet “I want to get BANGed by Dressed for Dinner cc: @kevinjn”

The winner will be selected at random on November 23, 2010 at 6:00 pm EST. Only one entry per person (with the opportunity to earn 2 additional entries*

Winner will be notified via e-mail and will receive Marc Jacobs BANG via mail. It will be directly shipped via a third party company working with Marc Jacobs.

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21 responses to “CONTEST: Dressed for Dinner x Marc Jacobs

  1. Chad

    Why do I need to get BANGed? Because it’s been over a year… and I think my funky smell is the problem….

  2. Melinda G

    I need to get BANGed because, well,……. who doesn’t? In all seriousness, I love for my man to smell good and we could have tons o’ fun with the name of this cologne. Thanks for the chance.

    I subscribed to your emails, confirmed my subscription, even!

    Tweeted for my extra 2 entries.

  3. I want to get BANGed because it seems likely to be the only action I’ll get this Christmas.

  4. Sari Colt

    I need to get BANGED because I want to get my dad an awesome gift for Chrismukkah and I know he’d never Bang for himself. Happy Holidays!

  5. Oh, Kevin, I am on a one-year manbattical, so this is the only way I am going to get “bang-ed”. I really need it.

  6. It was my Zaidy’s (grandpa’s) birthday last month. I was going to buy him Marc Jacobs bang, but I thought an old man’s sweater vest was more appropriate. I did however, go to the Bay counter to get a sample as I was curious to see if he would like it. Turns out, he wasn’t a fan of the sweater vest and really enjoyed the scent of Marc Jacobs Bang.

    Bottom line, Hanukkah (a Jewish person’s Christmas) is coming up and I’d like to redeem myself with the gift of Bang!

    Seems like my Zaidy still has got it and is looking to get BANGED (OMG, gross, can’t believe I just said that)

  7. I need to get BANGed because Gabe from the office isn’t BANGing me anytime soon, he is too busy with some girl named Erin . I heard he has a bitching sword collection, would love to check it out one day.

  8. Joaquin_Lara

    I had a moment with this cologne in the store all I can say is
    in a heart beat ill drop my bloomers to get BANGed

  9. maria

    I need to get BANGed for my boyfriend for Christmas!

    I am already following you on twitter and i have RT’ed. @mariab76

  10. I really really need to get BANGed because I just packaged at work and need to smell Marc Jacobs sexy for upcoming job interviews.

  11. I needed to get BANGed under the mistletoe this holiday season, and I hear this is the only way.

  12. Hardeep

    Thursday I was innocently working away when my boss walked over and found the following Bang Ad taped to my chair: . This made for an interesting conversation and then hunt to track down & thank ;o) the culprit who taped the ad to my chair.

    Today a series of events led me to come across your blog…. It seems like the universe is telling me that I need to Bang my baby.

  13. Theresa K

    why wouldn’t someone want this BANGed? its all the rage this season!! 😉 i want i want lol – see a hot guy? why not give him something extra like BANGed lol (twitter: @imesotk)

  14. I want to get BANGed because I have never been BANGed before – I’m so very curious!
    twitter Shane_McKenna

  15. Dan

    Man, I need to get BANGed.

    Picture all kinds of this:

    I’m curled up in the corner of a near-blackened, musty-ass basement. Naked. Pretty dirty. Fetal position. A little sweaty. Remember on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when Angel came back from hell, and he was all shivering and grimy? I look like that. But I don’t have a Boreanaz bod. I have my bod. And you’ve seen it. It’s different. And it looks like I’ve been here a while. In fact, you can tell I’ve been here a while. You can’t help but cringe as what can only be described as “melting death fish” fills your tender nostrils.

    Maybe some cologne would help.

  16. I would love to win me some BANG so I could give the fragrance to my (moustached) dad. He doesn’t treat himself so this would be a great gift for the New Year. The spicy and woodsy tones would be PERFECT for him and I’m sure he would very appreciative of it.

  17. adil

    i want to get banged because i want to smell better than i do right now 😛

  18. Geri D.

    I need to get BANGED cause I have now lost 83 pounds and what better way to celebrate! I love the fact this scent works for both a man or a woman. What an awesome idea!

    I subscribe to your blog – geri (dot)

    I retweeted @gingergeri

  19. Ewan

    Kevin, I can’t write a message to you containing the word ‘bang’ without being crude 😉

  20. Why I want Bang for men as a female… I figured if I get and give Bang’d to my lovely husband he’ll reciprocate the deal! 😉
    It’s me angie @mommydoings not to see if I can follow your blog from my phone!

  21. I need to get BANGed because i’m 27 and have only touched TWO penises in my lifetime; my boyfriend’s and my own! Sad? Maybe. Romantic? Perhaps. A reality easily altered with the help of an explosion of three signature peppercorns, a wrap of primal masculine woods for warmth and an unmistakable hypnotic benzoin resin meld with vetyver, white moss and patchouli to create a powerful sensuality? DEFINITELY!

    I also need to get BANGed because having that incredible bottle (designed by none other than New York industrial designer Harry Allen) perched on my counter will definitely score me some brownie points with handsome bearded design nerds! And how honest is that design? Pretty damn. Harry and his team literally BANGed a piece of metal and digitally rendered it to create hand-crafted geometric beauty! So manly and so me! BANG, BANG, BANG.

    The real reason why I need to get BANGed is because I did my homework.

    Pick me!


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