CONTEST: Panasonic ES-8249 Pro-Curve

Panasonic has asked me to review one of  their holiday favourites, the Panasonic ES-8249 Pro-Curve® ARC IVNano Blade Shaver. And as a thank you for reading and sticking through my formative blogging years, I am going to share the gift of the shave with you! One lucky winner will receive a brand new ES-8249 (valued at $299.99 CDN). Details to follow the review!


What I enjoyed most about Panasonic’s shaver was the LCD screen built in to detect energy used – with the handy loading dock (it CLEANS and CHARGES), you’ll find it nearly impossible to forget to maintain your razor. The nano technology ensures a close shave and paired with a pivoting head and ergonomic design, it curves to the contours of your chin, no matter how boney or shapely. This is really important and most men can attest to the need for a comfortable, carefree shave. I swiveled the head back and forth fairly swiftly and I encountered no nicks, snags or bleed-outs. It also shaves wet and dry, which makes it very practical for a new all-in-one shave tool.

In addition to these features, the ProCurve has a concealed one-level trimmer that retracts for those easy clean-ups where bare necks and cheeks (or other) are of the utmost necessity. Emphasis on easy clean-ups. Please.

For the burliest of beards

I have been growing out my beard for well over a month, in hopes that I can sustain mountain-like growth. For those desiring to maintain a woodsy beard, the Panasonic ES-8249 does possess a setback: it is not a conventional trimmer. Fortunately, this is easily overcome. The ProCurve technology is handy for cleaning up short stubble growth and slightly more dense short hair, but for bushy, Zach Galifinakis-like beards, you will need to add a shear step to your process. Hold lengthy hair in between your middle and index fingers (picture the way your barber snips your hair) and trim 3/4 of the length with scissors – this will aid in a comfortable close-shave. Unfortunately, skipping this process will result in a lackluster, “is-this-doing-anything” moment, but the ProCurve can be the shaver for you if you add some care to your approach.


My motivations for this review were simple: picture every man’s goals and not just my own ambitions for the super beard. Since MOVEMBER is now in its third week, the ProCurve would make an excellent shaver for tidyng up the neck and chin. For others, a 5 o clock shadow is achieved with relative ease, as short growth can be cruised over without worry. And for those fellas like me, or for men who just want to keep the beard they’ve worked so hard to grow, the ES-8249 will clean up your neck and cheeks to bring structure to your face-shaping fuzz without worrying about mucking up your face with clunky shaving cream. It is self cleaning and lubricated too, so all you really have to do is push a button. Not many razors can make such claims.

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the bare skin of a neck contrasting the fullness of a beard. Clearly this is important to me and it is this outcome that warrants a dorky dimpled smile and wide-eyed expression. Before reviewing a shaving product, I feel it is important to develop a worst case scenario. Since I was growing my beard out anyway, I decided to leave areas messy that would otherwise be cleaned up on a semi-regular basis. This “planning” ensured that any problems could be easily detected.


Although some of the  great features of the ES-8249 go underused for a beard like mine, the benefits of a close neck shave, a reminder to charge the unit, a cleaning dock and a subtle hum (it really doesn’t sound like a tractor – moreso a gentle buzz) all make up for those not-so-missed moments of a baby face. Since not every man is looking to sport the backwoods look this winter, it really is a great gift for most men who just want to look clean, fresh and ready to start the day.

If I had a rating system, I’d give it 3.8/5 beards, 4.5 /5 mustaches and 5/5 baby faces.

Since the prize is quite substantial, I’d like to make this somewhat creative. To be entered into the Dressed for Dinner x Panasonic contest, you’ll need to do the following:

1. Submit a photo, illustration or video that showcases your shave process to – if you don’t shave and feel like it’d make a great gift, draw, photograph or record someone you know pulling off the perfect shave.

2. Follow @kevinjn on Twitter to be updated on submissions – there will be a post on November 30th where readers will vote for the best.

3. Be creative! Stand out to win big!

A winner will be selected on December 6, 2010 at 6:00 pm EST

Rules subject to change (not likely) and readers will be notified.



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4 responses to “CONTEST: Panasonic ES-8249 Pro-Curve

  1. Ewan

    Are entries acceptable that show you using a rival product, one with a proper trimmer attachment 🙂 and that dispenses lovely cream to smooth your progress?

  2. Audrey

    soooo cute! especially the second pic. gotdamn.

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