Woolrich x Converse Fall/Winter 2010

Woolrich Woolen Mills is a brand that has lasted as long as it has (since 1830), because the name is synonymous with quality – hard-wearing and long lasting quality. One of my longest serving vintage jackets is made by Woolrich and there is no end in sight, which is what we’re all looking for in a piece of clothing, right? Longevity? Well, Woolrich gives you that and I expect nothing less from their collaborations with Converse footwear. In fact, I’ve been lusting after a black leather and wool boot for the past month, but no one has a size 12. I also worry about the soak-through from a wet Toronto winter. But who am I kidding? These shoes were made for me.


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One response to “Woolrich x Converse Fall/Winter 2010

  1. I’m loving these footwear collabs. Style Bubble also reported on one between Nike and Harris Tweed! Very cool.

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