Movember TOMS Shoes

In the interest of full disclosure, I will say that TOMS did send me a pair of their mustachioed corduroy Movember shoes, but as always, the mere act of sending is not enough for me to have something to say. But since I have always held an affinity for even their simplest of shoes (for example, the black solid with check lining), it made sense to throw ’em on and test ’em out. ‘Cause that is what shoes are for.

TOMS must have philanthropy written deep into their mission statement, because the sales of their Movember kicks go directly to support LIVESTRONG and the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Even further, the brand recognizes the needs of children around the world in their One for One campaign, which offers a new pair of shoes to a child in need with every purchase. I think that is definitely something to write (and get excited) about.

I have gargantuan feet (men’s size 12, excessively wide), yet the TOMS elastic V at the opening is perfect for the pedi-challenged, offering ease of wear. I slipped these babies on and off without even the slightest problem, which for me, is really important. I’ve squeezed my feet into a pair of 10.5 shoes and I’ll be honest, it was the worst feeling imaginable. But in the interest of fashion, I stuck it out, only to find out that I had done considerable damage to my feet. I can safely say that these TOMS shoes won’t present any of these problems. Each TOMS shoe comes with a suede insole and rubber sole for comfort and a latex sponge arch adds support to your feet if you are like me and typically walk tip toed (it isn’t your fault, your feet were made that way).

The above picture may seem like a silly close-up, but I wanted to emphasize the elastic v that helps form to your ankle width. Albeit simple, it proves to be the handiest addition.

If you haven’t heard of TOMS before, yet have been looking for an affordable shoe choice that doesn’t sacrifice comfort for style (don’t worry, they are still good looking – just check out the embroidered ‘stache!), have a look at their seemingly endless selection.

When facial hair starts to appear in even the most common of items, it makes me think that I am somehow doing my job (whatever that is).

Happy Movember everyone!



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3 responses to “Movember TOMS Shoes

  1. TOMS are great because for every pair of shoes you buy they give a pair to a child in need.

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