TOMMY Dinner at Parts & Labour

When I received the nod from Miss Jeanne Beker and the Tommy Hilfiger camp, I was admittedly very giddy. It is not every day you get invited to a private dinner by Tommy Hilfiger (if this happens to you all the time, congratulations). The affair was put together to celebrate TOMMY’s infusion into the Toronto fashion landscape, which – if you’re familiar with TOMMY – fits in quite nicely with its rustic Canadiana styling. Jeanne Beker raised her glass to Tommy, a long time friend, while the rest of us ate, drank and were merry. It was a fashion event that felt less network-y and more homey and comfortable. It was intimate, with the opportunity to have conversations with a myriad of guests, including Cheng Hee Kang (head of PR for TOMMY’s womenswear division), Sarah Nicole Prickett, Christopher Sherman, Sarah Taylor, Lisa Tant, Sarah Casselman, Anita Clarke, Jeremy Laing, Dan Levy and Joe Amio (there were more, but I’m not Toronto Life, so you’ll forgive me if I’ve missed a lot of notables).  The evening ended with a performance by Much Music VJ Jesse Giddings, who (I didn’t know this) is in a band. I decided to meet TOMMY’s mandate by repping the moose sweater for a dash of rustic aestheticism – enjoy!

I decided to wait until now to write this post, because tonight is the preview for TOMMY’s S/S 2011 collection – and if the offerings are anything like last season, I’m sure I’ll be able to wear everything (again). Thanks to Jeanne Beker and TOMMY for the hospitality. It is a little early in the morning, but I’d like to raise my non-existent glass to your perfect fete.

Top 2 photos by Kevin Naulls and all other photos by George Pimentel


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4 responses to “TOMMY Dinner at Parts & Labour

  1. Lol’ed at the end of this post – that band of dirtbags (I use the term affectionately) is The Set, my old roommate used to work with them. So out of context to see them next to the Toronto Life crowd.

  2. I have yet to visit Parts & Labour. It looks like a really nice venue. Ms Jeanne is so nice and so is Lisa Tant–I used to serve her at BCBG! Looks like a beautiful night–and you rocked that moose sweater.

  3. A great night, indeed.
    I went back to Parts & Labour for dinner a couple of weeks ago: really good. You should definitely visit again.

  4. That is a terrific sweater you’re wearing!

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