Ho ho hot damn, that’s an expensive watch

When a private citizen (Richard Garriott) gets to voyage to space, you can only imagine that he has all the money in the world. You’ll remember Lance Bass training for the opportunity, but sadly he missed out (twice). But when a watch is made to combat all of the elements, the idea of money being “no object” becomes jarringly clear. Enter SEIKO’s limited edition Spacewalk Watch, a timepiece retailing for $24,950.00. Although the price is staggering, the watch does come with a performance guarantee from Garriott who used it without any blips as he entered space’s somewhat turbulent atmosphere. I figure if it can handle space, it can handle a wedding, a birthday or a special date with even the klutziest of man/woman (I am one of those klutzes). Design-wise, the woven band is comfortable and allergen-free, while the electric blue numbering gives it a space age aesthetic without overdoing it.

This watch boasts a high-intensity titanium case, sapphire crystal and an anti-reflective glass face. If that isn’t enough (uh, greedy?), it is pretty darn waterproof too.

Since most of us aren’t going to space, this could be the next best thing. SEIKO is only making 100 of these perfect timepieces, so if you know a loved one who has everything, I think this might be that special something that will make his day (with a bit of explaining, of course – to the naked eye, it is merely just a watch). But seriously, if you have this much money to burn, I’ll take one under my Christmas tree (thanks).



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2 responses to “Ho ho hot damn, that’s an expensive watch

  1. Hmmm. A new car or a watch? What shall I have…

  2. In the world of high end watches, that really isn’t so staggering a price. I would say the average sale price of a new Patek Philippe is higher than that!

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