Santa’s got a brand new bag

The holidays are swiftly approaching and with the egg nog, mistletoe and obnoxious carolers comes an increase in travel that is mostly unavoidable. In the interest of practicality, I recommend some heavy duty bags that will suit most of your holiday destinations.

Filson tops my list because the design could not be more simple. Quality fabrication is the reason you’ll want to buy this wheeled option (seen above, $575 CDN), as Filson only uses oil-finished twill and bridle leather – both will wear well and last through your many family gatherings throughout the year.

Red Canoe’s line of heritage-appealing bags are a departure from Filson’s minimalist approach. In place of rich leather is heavy duty cotton webbing and twill, ensuring that your bag can take the rough-and-tumble treatment of an airport, shuttle bus and even in those moments when you throw it on the ground to use an en route washroom.  I like the splash of red that the Boeing B-17 ($149.99 CDN) offers, which is only one of many eye-catching details that grab the attention of strangers (see brass finishes and appliqued patchwork). If you carry this bag, you will be asked where to find it.

For those of you hitting the beach to leave the snow and slush behind, nothing is more functional than a tote. Hong Kong’s JOYCE teamed up with Thom Browne to create this simple tote with his iconic tri-coloured ribbon detail. This is a limited edition item, so if you see it, grab two. One for me (and I don’t even like totes – but I love Mr. Browne).

Norse Projects teamed with Ally Capellino to create this beautiful rucksack. Styled to look overstuffed, Norse Projects showcases the waxed cotton’s resistance to prove the quality of design. This distinctly classic piece comes with a laptop compartment, giving the old-fashioned rucksack an interior update. You can snag this bag for $280 (US) at their online shop.

If you are looking for a day-trip bag, or something for everyday use, I’d say you will find nothing better than Palmer and Sons’ leather suitcase. British bridle leather is a sturdy base and a 1-ton resistant closure proves that this little package can take a whole lot of weight (that is, if you aren’t scrawny and frail (if you are, that is okay, just don’t overfill it, weakling)). Palmer and Sons’ collection is an assortment of all-handmade designs, proving that a lot of time and care goes into each bag. You can pick this suitcase up for a cool $385, which is a steal, since the value is resting in the fact that you may never need a new one (at least, not until you get bored of this one).

I hope you find the bag to suit your travel needs this holiday season! With so many options, it is hard to pick. I hope I’ve at least narrowed your search!



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4 responses to “Santa’s got a brand new bag

  1. GREAT BAG. The Filson, I mean. I just love a man with good accessories.

  2. Dear laawd I love me some Palmer and Sons… Also, check out Billy Kirk, my current go to bag (because like Filson they use Twill/Canvas and Bridle leather)… so yummy…

  3. I told my husband that I’m giving him a leather briefcase or bag for Christmas, but I’ve yet to find a decent one in my price range. Thanks for the ideas, I feel a renewed sense of hope in my quest for the perfect bag;)

  4. fantastic selection! stop going out of your way to please me!

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