A beard’s eye view of 2011

Everyone makes silly resolutions. Some are more vocal than others, but we eventually reach a silence when it turns out the things we thought we’d accomplish become yet another left-uncrossed reminder.

But 2010 was a fantastic year for Dressed for Dinner, as it was the beginning of my most successful feature, BEARDED – a side project that was made interesting by a great cast of early adopters. Number one goal: more BEARDED.

I would also like to continue exploring contemporary menswear in the way that I have been, because it continues to be my bread and butter. Although grooming is definitely an interest of mine, I’d like to offer more practical insight, with tutorials and strategies for fullness and comfort. But practical is definitely going to be the focus. Less hawking, more talking (that being said, I will still be giving away my share of goods to help your beard stay soft and well-managed).

I’d like to explore other areas of menswear that are considerably more niche than others, but nothing so trendy as neo-goth, or redundant future fashion. I’d like to continue focusing on statement pieces like skirts, kilts, longjohns and union suits – elements that have roots in tradition, but are still a bit too much for most men.

I would just recommend that you wear shoes and never accessorize with leather cuffs (please).

I’d like to add more PLAID to my list of needs for 2011. Not only for myself, but for the blog’s feature. I was a bit lax with PLAID and I know it could be a lot stronger. I get many submissions via e-mail, but it never seems like the right time for certain items. My goal is to fit more in by creating a proper posting schedule.

Honestly, I haven’t been too rigid with goals for the blog this year. Having DFD has been an excellent outlet for expressing my ideas and I would like to continue with that approach. The ol’ blog has created a dialogue internationally that I value, because without hearing the opinions of others, fashion grows a bit tired.

Can you think of anything you’d like to see more of this year? I’ve been told “more outfit posts” which I’d be happy to accommodate, but besides acts of vanity, what else?

Top photo by Angela Y Martin, rest via Flickr


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  1. …But what if I like bare foot men and leather cuffs? Nice job on the blog. I enjoy it very much. I look forward to more.

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