BEARDED: David Kurt Karl Roth

David Roth knows his beard for what it is – a trend. He likes bushy bearded fellas, so naturally he likes it on himself, but make no mistake, it is a moment for David (and frankly, with a beard like his, it is so – so – okay).  You may spot David and think, is this man homeless (his words), but the wild beard is something that I hold near and dear to my heart – the conventions of what make a beard great change so often, that sometimes it is best to let nature run its course. Whether a beard is tucked under a nailed hat, or nailed to a cross, David sees no limitation for what his – or any – facial hair can achieve – it can be anything from a look, to a movement in fashion, and at the end of the day, the mantra of this hirsute dandy is “let it grow.”

Name: David Kurt Karl Roth

Occupation: Blogger at Dandy Diary; Editor BerlinFashion.TV

City: Berlin

Are you a grower or a show-er? Are you a guy who has always had a beard, or isyour growth a response to a trend?

To be honest, I think my beard is a response to a trend. Some people believe in weird stuff like religion, or whatever. I believe in fashion trends, and of course in big beards. I love boys with beards.

Do you keep it neat and clean, or is a little unkempt more your style?

I love the way Dash Snow used to sport his beard – unkempt, wild and cool.

Does your beard ever factor in to the clothes you choose to wear? Do you like toframe it as your statement, rather than wear bold patterns, graphics and colours to distract from it?

For some looks my beard is really important. For example, my “homeless“ look – It´s a rough look, so a fresh shaved face wouldn’t work. But on the other hand, a slim-fitted suit with unkempt big beard would look great too. (For David, the beard’s limitation is all in your head – contrast is in itself fashion).

Does facial hair suit everyone? If you weren’t fully bearded, would youa ‘stache?

I tried to sport a mustache, but it didn’t work. I realized very quickly that I should stick with the beard.

How would you classify your style?

Flexible. On some days I look homeless, but I transition to a “business man” look on occasion.

What do you think about bearded, less-standardized models on the runwaysof Yohji Yamamoto, Vivienne Westwood, Walter Van Beirendonck? Can high fashion be showcased in this way?

Definetly. Why not? I mean, there are a lot of models out there that look great with a big beard. (Succinct. And I couldn’t agree more)

Name one item of clothing you will never part with and describe a head to toe look you feel most comfortable in

I hate surfer/board shorts, but I feel totally comfortable in a skin-tight Speedo. My head to toe outfit would be: an earring ( golden ring, of course), Moscot Miltzen sunglasses, my beard and my Speedo.

Any advice to those gents out there who may want to achieve a beard like yours(i.e. shaving products you use, trimming tips, or just some sage-like wisdom)?

Let it grow, let it grow.

Photos supplied by David Kurt Karl Roth



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3 responses to “BEARDED: David Kurt Karl Roth

  1. That is hilarious that he rocks a “homeless look”. I also like his idea of a suit with an unkempt beard: fashion is all about contrast.

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