Mark McNairy for Number Six, UK

I want these saddle shoes by Mark McNairy. He’s taken some navy nubuck leather and paired it with a contrasting brown, which makes it look very sharp. My favourite feature is the red brick sole, but I’m left longing from afar as these are exclusive to Number Six in London (219 pounds).

These saddle shoes have a lot of interesting highlights that aren’t overbearing (the breadth of his collections often feature contrasting elements, as seen in his oxfords, or bright-coloured suede treatment). The two tone element of the saddle shoe gets your attention and its kept until you reach the sole. It is a vast improvement from his New Amsterdam Oxford, which has contrasting leather work, but ultimately looks like a bowling shoe.

The saddle shoe comes in a smokey grey too, for those in search of a darker colour-way.



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One response to “Mark McNairy for Number Six, UK

  1. Ooh, I love the grey way more. 1000% more. I am a grey fiend, though.

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