Dunderdon Fall/Winter

Gothenburg, Sweden’s Dunderdon has taken the most generic staples and made me want every last item. Perhaps it is because I can see myself in these clothes, but ultimately, who doesn’t need a crew-neck sweatshirt, work boots, a plaid shirt and a nice jacket. They are staples for a reason and I think you’ll agree that there is nothing wrong with dressing simple. If the clothes are constructed well and fit to form, then a sweat shirt can look like a million bucks. And it does.

Everything is elevated, from a work pant made in moleskin (sale, $104) to slim kurabo red selvedge denim ($179) – even their cotton has a cashmere handfeel, which if you’re going for cozy (I am), it makes all the difference.



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5 responses to “Dunderdon Fall/Winter

  1. I can absolutely see you wearing this, especially the second look.

  2. Cam

    I’ve got a pair of rarely worn black size 32 Dunderdon worker pant that I can part with if anyone is interested. Fit snug for a 32 around the waist.

  3. VaGent

    Any ideas about these boots? Jonesin’ for a pair of these.

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