Fluo Collection from Dover Street Market x The Cambridge Satchel Company

Sorry about the hiatus. I recently started a job as the Associate Online Editor of The Goods at Toronto Life and I wanted to settle in before I jumped back into this beard’s eye view. Look forward to many BEARDED entries on the way. But first, these bags (above) by Cambridge Satchel Company. There’s something about aggressively shocking patterns, colours and textures that makes me feel good about myself. I have an ever-growing collection of colourful socks and underwear, but I’m still on the look out for some brights to add to other areas of my wardrobe (that aren’t plaid, gingham, or buffalo check). This is it. These bags are so incredible, complete with the traditional satchel packaging that I’ve long been in love with, only in vibrant colours (the green is my favourite). If I can somehow order it, it’ll be my summer bag, without a doubt.



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4 responses to “Fluo Collection from Dover Street Market x The Cambridge Satchel Company

  1. Congratulations on your new post. I love these manbag colours: so 80s neon!

  2. will totally go halfsies with you on shipping so let me know if you are ordering! have had my eye on the orange 🙂

  3. absolutely love them. all the colors are fab. i also have such an obsession w the dover Street market. always great stuff.

  4. I have an original satchel already & I’m desperate for one from the Fluo collection. Love that green.

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